FlightScope X3B

FlightScope X3B

Performance data you can trust

Softball tracking technology for pitching and hitting

In-Game and Practice Tracking

FlightScope X3B is the only portable in-game tracking system that allows users to measure both pitching and hitting data.

All players can be tagged for post-game review, analysis, and improved player development plans

Use in practice sessions both indoors and outdoors, in any environment

All the data within FlightScope software is saved and can be analyzed on the FlightScope Cloud

Why FlightScope X3B

Portable tracking

A 3D phased-array tracking radar for baseball and softball


Give accurate and contextual meaning to your data using scorekeeping and tagging functionalities


Data is translated into detailed reports and charts viewable on the FlightScope Cloud


FlightScope Cloud provides data visualization and tables to facilitate player development and recruiting


Action video clips are automatically created from any camera source and uploaded to FlightScope Cloud


Improve your game year-round in a vast array of environments

Pitching Data

  • Pitch Velocity
  • Vertical Launch
  • Horizontal Launch
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Direction
  • Spin Tilt
  • Release Height
  • Release Side
  • Extension
  • Vertical Break
  • Horizontal Break
  • Induced Break
  • Time to Plate
  • Strike Zone Location
  • Vertical Approach Angle
  • Horizontal Approach Angle
  • Approach Pitch Speed

Hitting Data

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Batted Ball Direction
  • Carry Distance
  • Hang Time

3D Field View

Get a true perspective of pitch and hit trajectories with the 3D field view feature.

Tap, hold, and move left or right for a detailed view of the pitch and hit trajectory.

Customizable Interface

Select various data inputs with multiple on-screen combinations during each session.

Analyze pitching performance with location, speed, spin, and release data in one view.

Online Reporting

Detailed player, game, and team reporting and analysis

Create the ultimate player and team development program using performance data analytics and reporting tools on FlightScope Cloud.

automatic upload

FlightScope data is automatically uploaded and converted to reports for users to analyze and compare with previous sessions.

game reports

Evaluate team and lineup performance with post-game summaries and in-depth, filterable pitching and hitting results.

player reports

Analyze player performance with in-depth hitting and pitching reports featuring spray charts, zone maps, and player matchup data.

Video Analysis

Automatically upload, clip, and sync video from any camera source

Compare data and video for the most comprehensive online player and team analysis available.

In an effort to gain a competitive advantage and be one of the leading institutions in college softball in the race for analytics information we were looking for a mobile device that would allow us to gather data on pitch velocity, pitch spin rates, pitch break data, zone location/accuracy, hit exit velocity, hit launch angle, hit carry distance. With those needs we purchased a FlightScope Strike System.

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